Human beings take you for granted
We were sposd to be buddies
But we met in a quickie
Shy and untested
The friendship: untried.

It was giddy nd mutual
Maybe @ first
Confidence in truth
Taken for granted.
We had a conscience
An absence of deceit
Maybe so I tot…

A girl proud like a rare breed
Became a chase of conquering
A test of will and power
We ate together
Even a plate of ewa.
Never tot, foolish it seems
That our frienship was jest a test
A card well played.

2am we stayed on
On the field where vigins are gone none
We laughed and cried
Teasing each other like newly found loves
We stood and moved wanting
Yet undaring
There was never a breach
Temtpation a decision away.

He never stood a chance
Cuz you played your card, well
Quite well to say.

We ran bills on credit cards
Care a none gone with d wind
None cared for cost;even paid for acharging
A man and a girl met across the aisles
Of forced enchantment
Of boundaries clearly given

Then seperation came.
It felt like love unchastised.

It became difficult to talk
To glimpse, to share
And the child suddenly felt
What it felt to be weaned. Forcefully.
Gradually, the childs call to the mama
Became pathetic wimpers
A gradual realization sets in
mama is gone.

Then mama across borders
Says hi when less busy
Hoping the child would remain faithful
Alas! The child was but human
Mama found a new babe.

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