What do you do
When Ʋ have hit
The crossroads.

You take the forked bend
Leading on behind
Or a shortcut above
I take d one on d right.

Where it leads
I do not know and
I really want to stop
Stop guessing where
Cos a sneak-a-peek leads ♏ε above.

Ʋ have become my comfort couch
A place to chill and do the odds
To explore my options yet
This crossroads dictate somethingelse
My comfy couch became my gorge
My gorge my loss

Damn this crossroads but
May it be eternally blessed
For as a day foretold to come
It cursed the odds all-a-gone
Ushering in a clean day, fresh air
Like a day after a heavy downpour
Oh bless the crossroads
That saved ♏ε from damnation.

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